w40: 30 September to 6 October

Monday afternoon after work I napped so long that the dog walk was both after dark and in the rain. We stuck to the route that’s lit but of course that’s also the route with all the dropped food, so I wouldn’t say it was a relaxing promenade.

Lately I’ve been having dreams on the theme of suddenly having to look after small animals. Every time, they get out of their enclosure, and I dream-panic, and every time they don’t actually run away. I find them sitting comfortably beside their door or near the food, and I dream-scramble to grab them and put them back in. Last night I didn’t panic. I dream-sat down and it climbed across me, little pointy dream-feet, to tuck itself back in.

Tuesday morning at work I did actually work but the highlight was learning how to use the new power wheelchair. In a few weeks when we’ve all got better at manoeuvring I shall repaint the door frames…

Wednesday at work I put a second coat of paint on the cat scratches, moved the healthier geraniums from the patio pots to overwinter out of sight and binned the geraniums that wouldn’t have made it to spring. I crocheted on the bus! Mainly because my phone was charging in my bag, but it’s still good. 

Home to pick up the puppy and back out again on another bus to the cottage. Good chat about anxiety and depression with the Healer while our dogs played kiss chase. The Healer and the Tank then went out to fetch a foster dog. She’s very lovable, but if we’re going to be four dogs we need to end capitalism and get some Land to live on quite soon. 

There might be a lead on that plan, actually, but the Tank needs to have a conversation with someone who’s very busy, so I am telling myself not to think about the specifics too hard. 

Thursday morning I woke from a dream that they’d privatised the fire service. I do wish my brain wouldn’t do satire at me. Thursday night I pulled the sofa forwards, cleaned behind it and pulled all the half-used white paint cans out from the cupboard that the sofa blocks. I wanted to know if I need to order any paint to get started on the kitchen but I don’t think I do; we have regular wall paint, damp-proof paint, gloss (for the door and doorframe) and the extra-hard floor paint I used in the bathroom.

Friday at work was very positive: went to an orthopaedics appointment and found out that her foot is healing without the need for surgery. She’s adamant that she won’t stay inpatient again and I quietly agree: every hospital stay seems to set her back. Home is best.

Friday afternoon I roughly sanded and sugar soaped the kitchen door, and then started putting white gloss paint onto it. I’d forgotten how intrusive the smell of gloss paint is.

Learned how to double crochet from a YouTube video. Adding ‘slow motion’ to the name of the stitch when I search is very helpful!

I’m expecting to be told I have an allotment very soon. I have three data points for my position on the waiting list, and the line of the graph should be reaching zero now. I know, really, that it can’t be a consistent smoothable trend, but it’s very hard to tell myself that.

Saturday morning I woke feeling competent and alert, so I finally got around to doing my 2018/19 tax self-assessment. It’s really not difficult, I just wind myself up about what They’ll Do if I tick the wrong yes/no. I knew darned well I hadn’t earned enough to owe tax, but it’s always nice to see that £0.00 on the screen.

Saturday afternoon at the cottage, crocheting and playing with dogs and talking about robots. Blissful.