w42: 14-20 October

Monday morning’s work was cancelled on Saturday so I had a lovely stroll round the charity shops instead. afternoon at the cottage, playing Can Four Dogs Fit On One Person. yes, yes they can.

Tuesday I rolled out at 0850 to go get my annual flu jab. The pharmacist had an auburn braid, an amber and green jersey dress, and cold hands. Morning at work was half chat and half planting primroses in the patio pots. An afternoon nap, a saunter with the dog (both of us still sleepy), an evening of Western novels on the sofa.

Shane was startlingly good. I think I saw the film too young, I wouldn’t have understood the dynamics of it.

Wednesday morning at work I only meant to put some garden hose clips away in the shed but started tidying and emerged an hour later cobwebby but proud. A mouse has chewed a hole in the bone meal sack, I do hope it wasn’t too disappointed.

Evening crocheting a hat for the Big Spoon – I thought I was following a pattern but it’s not reducing at all so I will either have to unravel it or call it a placemat and start over.

By Sunday I’m on my fifth attempt but I do think I’ve got it. Sunday morning we took our culling to the car boot sale and made huuuuuuge wads of cash, which made it worth getting up at half five and smiling in the cold for five hours.