w43: 21-27 October

Sunday evening I untangled 75g of yarn that I shouldn’t have left within reach of the puppy. Oddly, I wasn’t in the mood for constructive crochet after that.

To the Far Blue Mountains (The Sacketts, #2) (borrowed paperback), The Seven Sisters (The Seven Sisters, #1) (library ebook on my phone), One Night in Winter (Moscow Trilogy #3) (library ebook on my phone), The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster (library ebook on my phone)

Monday at work they reassured me about the composting worms. I thought I’d killed them by adding the pulp from the grape press, because I haven’t seen one since. Apparently it’s much more likely to be a coincidence: they’ll all be hiding out at the bottom of the tub because the weather’s turned cold. I’m not keen on worms but I’m even less keen on genocide.

Oh bother, that’s reminded me. I meant to set mouse traps up in the workshop and shed. The little weirdoes have nibbled holes in the cat litter sack, as well as in the bone meal sack. It’s as untidy as you think.

A pleasing afternoon sending craft ideas back and forth in the group chat. We’re after things we can make several of and sell relatively cheaply at our next car boot. The Healer sews, the Tank woodworks, and I am hot stuff at navigating Ravelry.

Stealing Harry (Stealing Harryverse, #1) (from ao3, read on Kindle)

Reread that crochet hat pattern. Twice. Even wrote it out again for myself. I am totally following it and I can’t work out why it’s still coming out flat instead of starting to dish as the increase slows down! My stitch tension? In the next couple of rows the increase stops completely, and the way things are going I’ll have crocheted a top hat. I shall make him wear it, too.

‘Strawberry tree’ or arbutus

Tuesday morning at work I learned that I can’t mime. I was trying to communicate ‘I don’t want to interrupt but give me that jacket, I’ve found the button and threaded a needle.’ I think you’d need a drama degree to convey that, in hindsight.

The Healer and I spent the afternoon reminding ourselves how to make zipped pouches and pencil cases. There was cussing. Then she cooked me supper and we lounged with the dogs, then I went home to crochet and stay awake until nearly eleven like some kind of cool adult.

I missed Wednesday afternoon completely. I went to recline and read next to The Big Spoon while he was streaming, but the puppy curled up next to me and next thing I knew it was half past six and I was being woken up for coffee.

Thursday the puppy came with me to work in the morning. I wish she would be a bit cooler about trying to befriend the cat. It’s a pleasant old cushion-cat and would probably be amenable to being gently sniffed and slept next to, but the puppy will keep going in in fifth gear.

The Devil’s Alternative (library ebook on my phone), The Buccaneers (charity shop paperback)

Friday at work we unboxed lilac shrubs and prepared the ground where they’re going to go, but got distracted before actual planting by YouTube videos of Americans talking about how to care for lilac shrubs. Wah-dur, we all said. Waaaahh-durrr. Plenny uv wahhh-durr. I saw red worms in the compost tub again, which was reassuring. Perhaps the grape vinegar has taken a few days to dilute. I still haven’t set a mouse trap. Apparently they’re welcome to the bone meal, but if they get into the sack of lime that’s right next to it that’ll be its own punishment.

The Mountain Valley War (Kilkenny #2) (borrowed paperback)

Saturday I planted the lilac shrubs and we made beetroot chutney. I started crocheting a leaf from this Ravelry pattern, which involves a couple of techniques that are new to me and requires slightly more consistent yarn tension than I normally have. Perseverance!

Sunday the clocks changed themselves in the night and it’s brightly sunny. Puppy and I are due to spend the day at the cottage so I’ll post this now in case I’m sleepy after. It’s been a good week.