w44: 28 October to 3 November

The Broker (borrowed paperback), Died in the Wool (Roderick Alleyn, #13) (charity shop paperback)

Monday evening happily crocheting granny squares and moss stitch squares for practice. Tuesday was bright but cold. At work I dug a hole for a new shrub, which inconvenienced some large worms, and I learned how to turn a compost heap. I’m not sure what I did with the afternoon – I think it may have been mainly Pinterest.

Our Food, Our Land: Why Contemporary Farming Practices Must Change (charity shop paperback)

I answered my own questions about turbines on the group blog that goes with our group chat. https://forgefieldsolar.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/turbines-on-the-bean-canes/

To Let. (charity shop paperback)

Thursday (Halloween) I woke up in time to take Priscilla on her proper walk before work, because I think it’s going to rain later. We nearly met two cats but they swore at us so we backed off.

Friday is day 1 of Nanowrimo. Word count at 1400: zero. I crocheted on the bus to work and back, instead of trying to write, and now I’m hoping the puppy goes to sleep after her walk and early tea… Word count 579 when I shut down for the night; I could not keep my brain on it. do better tomorrow.

The opening scene of The Pool In The Fen has stalled so hard I had to close it and open a new document to make myself outline in terrible detail. I already had it set out as ‘I want this 2000 words to do this and this and introduce this’ but I’ve had to break it down into ‘spend 200 words doing this’ x10 within each of those. I’m almost ashamed that it takes work! I still have that feeling that you should just start writing and the magic will happen, but today it isn’t. So here’s my chalk sigils and the correct colour candles; the magic is STRONGLY INVITED. Closed Chromebook on day 2 at 1211 words. I could blame the cuddly puppy but really I just haven’t settled all afternoon. Early night Saturday for a car boot sale early morning on Sunday.

Family History (charity shop paperback)

The Tank and the Healer had had another cull of cupboards, so the car boot sale was tremendously profitable. I’m exhausted after we get back, which is bad for word count but good for the puppy who values cuddles above all things.

These sold!?