Monday Happy List (insp by findthegoodeveryday)

Katie is cute as heck on Instagram and and makes a point of listing happy things on Mondays. I haven’t had a i-hate-Mondays job in five years (and I have antidepressants) so I don’t, like, need cheering up but it’s as good a routine as any!

  • My mattress. The Big Spoon and I used wedding money to buy one of those memory foam mattresses that arrives compressed in a box and expands itself into the exact shape of a better life. It’s phenomenal.
  • Priscilla’s victorious face when she’s brought back a toy I’ve thrown and then hoiked it away from my hand as I reach for it.
  • Moss stitch, in crochet. It does such a good job of hiding the irregularities in my yarn tension.
  • The fact that my local library (free!) supplies ebooks (free!) to my phone, and allows me to keep not only a holds (free!) list but also a tag list I can use for my own TBR.
  • My friends doing such a great job of culling their cupboards and taking crates and crates of possessions to car boot sales and making money so we can all live in a farmhouse with dogs and goats together.