Crafting roundup 1

Here’s the ravelry version: It’s been exactly a month since I followed my first crochet tutorial on youtube. In order, I have made:

  1. Granny squares of varying squareness
  2. the start of a Brown Butter Shawl
  3. a very untidy attempt at corner-to-corner moss stitch
  4. some round flat items that a generous person would call coasters

Almost all of those earliest practice pieces were done in fragments on my bus commute or on the sofa while the puppy slept, and apart from the coasters I’ve undone them all in order to reuse the yarn for more practice. I’ve got the hang of the basic granny square now, and of the increases you need to make a round thing sit flat.

Things I’ve made that didn’t get undone:

  1. A seedstitch hat for the Big Spoon. He’s even worn it twice without me pointing out that I made him a lovely hat and he should wear it.
  2. A second attempt at the Brown Butter Shawl, for the Healer’s birthday (it’s not a secret, I checked she liked the colour).
  3. A couple of these leaves, which actually sold???? at the car boot sale last week? my first craft sale?? as you can tell, I don’t know how to feel about it.

I’m going to make some more flat mats of varying designs, and some containers (this pattern has gone offline but it must surely be the same beginning as the hat I made, right?). I want to make this star-shaped mat because I reckon I can use it for a plant pot hanger. I think there’s probably time for a couple more people to get shawls for Christmas, too.