The print-on-demand fandom 2

If you’re travelling over winter, and you don’t already travel with your things in individual pouches, you could pick up a couple of these. Categorising when you pack stops your cables getting knotted around your scarves and socks, and it means you don’t have to root through your whole case in the train station when you only need two painkillers because the overhead lighting is getting on your last nerve.

Two tiny people walk along a snowy riverbank, backed by a low cabin and outbuilding, a single tree and miles more snow.

That room you’ll be staying in when you visit family for the winter holidays: does it have power sockets in the right places? There’s still time to order yourself a two metre charging cable so you can scroll in bed on charge. Also, if your devices are (like mine) old enough that they don’t hold a full day’s charge any more, there’s time to pick up an extra USB battery.

A dark wooden barn stands in a snowy field, which is extremely flat all the way to the snowy horizon. The sky is letting you know it’s definitely going to snow again soon.

Do you get your own bathroom when you’re there for the holidays? If not, consider who will be seeing your conditioners and moisturisers and, idk, eyelash crimpers. Will they do the mature thing and stay silent about them all? If so, well done! they have been raised right! If not,

An illustration of white owls flying in a dense snowy woodland. Owls are great; they’re menacing yet peaceful. Let’s be more like owls.

Snack bars! You’re going to need snack bars for the journey, at least, and you may as well stash a couple extra in case you’re sulking one afternoon and it would be too undignified to emerge for nuts and crackers.

Illustrations of conifer cones, in green ink. Do you know, there’s a shop near me that sells bags of half a dozen pine cones for decor. SELLS them. Quickly, where’s your nearest conifer? Go pick up a cone and congratulate yourself on saving money.
Same pinecones, same designer, in brown ink.
The view upwards in a winter woodland; bare branches against a white sky.

I do hope you have a good trip and that everything goes smoothly and everyone is charming and civilised. If it doesn’t or they’re not, deep breaths, congratulate yourself on the rest of your year, message some friends who love you for who you are, and remember you’ll be warm again soon.