w46: 11-17 November

Spark (Skin Books, #2) (library ebook)

Monday at work I planted out the germinated broad beans in the four-metre trench I dug and filled with compost last week. They’re Aquadulce beans, some of the earliest, and it’s considered a success if the green shoots are two inches high at Christmas. Heaven only knows what weather we’ll get in the next six weeks – they might all drown or they might grow chin-high.

Tuesday we had an unexpectedly sunny hour in the morning so I raked a couple of barrows of leaves, but I fled indoors for paperwork and tidying once the rain arrived. Afternoon of crochet, scrolling, making peace with not winning Nanowrimo this time, deciding that The Pool In The Fen is still a story I want to tell. In the evening I made bread dough to bake into rolls tomorrow.

When You Reach Me (library ebook), Tidelands (The Fairmile #1) (library ebook), Black Dogs (library ebook), A Place of Greater Safety (library ebook) (enormous!)

Wednesday, after a useful cleaning morning at work, I was going to go up to the coast with Priscilla but instead we went to the vet and got her three more spot-on anti-parasitics because I had not put it in my calendar. I also hadn’t put it in the budget, so the rest of the month is going to be a bit more utilitarian.

The bread rolls were hilariously hard. I broke them up and added them to the lamb stew; they’d have bruised our teeth as rolls.

Thursday was a crochet day! I finished the Healer’s yellow shawl and started a fingerless glove but it’s in double crochet so looks very open in 10ply. I’ll try that pattern again when I have some fluffier yarn.

Friday I was offered an allotment plot! Absurdly excited, we all gathered round the PC at work to peer at it on Google maps satellite view. It’s 125sqm, so from measuring the ratio of the sides with a ruler held up to the screen we think it’s around 7m by 18m. Lots of gardening advice was supplied.

Saturday after work I went with the Tank and the Healer to view two acres of secluded bog that we might be able to afford. We loved it. I don’t think developers will want it. I really hope they won’t. I want to grow witch hazel and flax. I bet there are irises on it in spring. I can’t form full sentences about it, I want it to work out so much.

the Healer liked her yellow shawl!

Sunday midday I went up to see the allotment plot properly, with Priscilla, and talk to the Responsible Adults of the site. The good news is it’s bigger than I realised and has a shed. The bad news is I didn’t notice those sections before because they’re solid with bramble. I need to borrow secateurs and get on that as soon as possible, before I can grid it out. And I still didn’t take photos of it! Completely forgot to take my phone out of my pocket.