Crafting roundup 2

It’s been a quiet week here in Lake Hooksforeverything. I finished the Healer’s shawl and gave it to her a few weeks ahead of her birthday, revelled in the squealing and was delighted when she wore it to a christening the next day.

I made a pair of texting gloves, which are basically tubes of spiral moss stitch with one horizontal gap each for the thumbs. Spiral is even easier than flat circular crochet, I need more things that are formed of tubes! I used black yarn so they don’t photograph at all.

I cast on an uncounted number of knit stitches as the beginning of my mother’s winter present, and I’m definitely regretting not starting sooner. My notes on it in Ravelry say ‘literally three foot by five foot of moss stitch’. I got onto the second row and realised I knit so much slower than I crochet that I should undo it and start again as a crochet project. Knitting can wait until new year and I’ll pick something smaller.

I ran out of the yarn I was using for the plant hanger so rather than switch colours I ended it as a disc. Yet another coaster / place mat / decor mat! Nobody uses place mats, I need to stop making them.