w47: 18-24 November

The Story of a Governess (Gutenberg on Kindle)

Monday morning at work was mainly indoors cleaning and mending, but I did stick the last bag of narcissus bulbs in the front garden, and I had a pleasant twenty minutes raking leaves. Borrowed secateurs and three garden gloves from the crate of odd gloves. I aspire to have been a gardener for so long I have two dozen odd gloves.

I went straight from work to the allotment, took a bunch of photos and then set to work making the right-hand path a little safer. I heaped the wheelbarrow with bramble snipped into 10cm pieces, I think it’s too woody to compost fast so I shall set up a separate heap in a very far corner, once I’ve reached the far corners.

The Binding (library ebook), Summerhills (Ayrton Family Book 2) (Kindle unlimited)

Tuesday at work was again all indoor tasks, but we all talked about the allotment and its potential and they lent me a battery powered hedge trimmer for the brambles. I arrived home to find that my society6 notebook had arrived (it is cute af) and that my friend the mermaid had posted me seven balls of grey bamboo yarn that she’d oversupplied herself with for an earlier project. I’m happy to have them because I’ll use them but also because it means she’s culling. I do love knowing when people are culling.

In the afternoon the Big Spoon and I drained the washing machine with a jug and a bowl and agreed that it’s our fault for overloading it. Perhaps it will start working again once it’s had a Quiet Sit?

The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, #22.5) (library ebook), The Vine Witch (Vine Witch, #1) (Kindle unlimited)

Friday at work was all admin after I’d done the cat litter tray. I wrote cheques! It’s a good thing my parents taught me how to write them and put invoice numbers on the backs; if I was five years younger I’d have been completely at a loss. Friday afternoon I finished the Good Sister shawl and did not take the dog out for a walk, which is disgraceful. We played catch in the living room instead… no, I know it’s not good enough. She doesn’t know, though, and don’t tell her.

Once Upon a River (library ebook)

My allotment site key was not in the post on Saturday. I’m a little aggrieved. For a £15 administration fee one expects… No, never mind, I’m sure something important came up and they had to deal with that first.

Sunday morning I went with the Tank and the Healer to a car boot sale where surprisingly little sold but we had some good conversations with browsers and buyers. Sunrise is so late these days and sunset is so early; I’m glad I have a great mattress and good antidepressants. And a puppy asleep on my foot.