w48: 25 November to 1 December

Monday morning I woke up before my alarm and swept the guinea pig run and did a sinkful of hand laundry before the Big Spoon or the puppy were up. When we all live in a farmhouse together this is going to be how it’s going to be. Of course, I’ll also be sweeping the ash out of the fireplace and putting the risen dough from the previous night into the oven for the day’s bread rolls. My grandmother (b 1910) would be genuinely horrified that these are my aspirations.

Monday in the day was mainly spent in hospital waiting rooms, but A got her foot cast removed and we finished two crosswords from the crossword book I brought with us. I totally meant to go up to the allotment after work but there was this comfy sofa and a puppy.

Tuesday morning I did make it up to the allotment, and I wrote about it on the group blog: https://forgefieldsolar.wordpress.com/2019/11/26/woefully-underequipped-at-the-allotment/ – tl;dr it’s going to take a LOT of work and I’m delighted. Wednesday I went up there with Priscilla! I only meant to clear the nettles from around the gate and then sit with her while she puppied around. She claimed to hurt her foot within minutes but I couldn’t see any damage and she trotted back home happily enough. Crafty little playactor.

A Change Of Climate (library ebook), The 4-Hour Workweek (library ebook)

Friday was the Big Spoon’s birthday. He’s a man of simple needs, so he got Metro Exodus and a delivery supper. Saturday I took the train to visit family, gave them their winter presents (crocheted cosy things, so there’s no sense waiting until Christmas Day to unwrap them), was given free run of the yarn stash and picked out enough to fill my backpack. Luckily, the train back was underbooked so my backpack had a seat to itself.

I had six no-spend days in November. I made £10.80 from Prolific surveys and something like £6 at the car boot sale (it was a really quiet one) as well as my ‘actual’ work. We stayed within my income so I’ve tucked a bit more money into the ISA.

The Observations (library ebook)

Sunday I went to dog social with Priscilla and the Tank and the Healer and their two dogs. Everyone got extremely muddy and happy. Apparently the Tank’s mother reads our group blog and culled out a bag of yarn for me. I’m so lucky it’s ridiculous.

The crate of practice pieces and donated oddments of yarn that I’m now going to wind into cakes with my new table-mounted yarn winder. They won’t be puppy-proof but they’ll be neater!

Oh, I haven’t touched the nanowrimo novel since like the 10th – I was behind and there were other things I wanted to push myself to do. I still think The Pool In The Fen is a story I want to tell but I don’t think there are 50k words in it. We’ll see. I’m surprised at how little I’ve read this week, look, only three books and one of them a reread. I must have napped a lot.