w49: 2-8 December

The Future Homemakers of America (library), Resting Witch Face (Widow’s Bay Book 1) (Kindle)

Monday the puppy went with me to work on the bus, because I knew I’d be mostly raking leaves. She had a great time, and I think she stole some of the cats’ food. She slept like a log all afternoon so I got some laundry and tidying done. Converting blobs of yarn into neat little cakes with the table-mounted yarn winder is so therapeutic I think I’ll actually be sorry when it’s all done.

Murder on Main Street (The Freya Barrett Mysteries Book 2) (Kindle), One Word Kill (Impossible Times, #1) (Kindle), Still Glides the Stream (Kindle)

I didn’t journal as I went shopping this week so I’m having to construct the review out of my completed tasks and my photo roll.

Tuesday was an unexpectedly long day with my old friends because her outpatients appointment ran very late, so they told me to take Wednesday off. I didn’t mind waiting around, honestly, we had a crossword book with us and I did a few rows of the shawl that’s meant to decrease one end faster than it increases the other end (it doesn’t). But Wednesday I went up to the allotment and raked out a square metre and got some peas and beans sown.

While I was at the plot I met Malcolm, who’s my senior neighbour the other side of the bramble hedge. He said to weave the green growth back in, and I said I would worry about preserving it once I had everything out of my way. I smiled, to take the edge off that, but really! I’m no danger to the bramble. We’ll all have enough berries this summer to see us through.

Malcolm also said this year has been the worst for growing he’s ever seen. (I am getting the general idea that vegetable gardeners will always say that.) But hey, it’s nice to hear older people acknowledge anthropogenic climate change! “There was just no water table,” he said. “You could water anything and it would just pfffft.” He mimed evaporation.

Sudden Traveller (library), In the Dark (Kindle), Furyborn (Empirium, #1) (library)

Friday I went up again in the drizzle before work to extract a bag of Jerusalem artichokes to take to work. Washed but not peeled, there were 530g. She found a couple of recipes & warned me ‘not to eat them before you have to do anything social.’ Apparently they take some people gassily.

Saturday the new washer dryer arrived, so the whole day was taken up by dealing with the laundry backlog. Bedding and cushion covers and dressing gowns as well as our clothes… Oh lord, I just remembered towels. Our poor old electricity bill!

Towards Zero (Kindle), Emergency Skin (Kindle short), Randomize (Kindle short), Limited Wish (Impossible Times, #2) (Kindle), Coven Mitt (Widow’s Bay Book 2) (Kindle), Ark (Kindle short)

Links, as always, are to the Kindle versions of the books I actually recommend, and I would make a few pence if you clicked and bought them. You should still check your local library for them first.