The print-on-demand fandom 4

All the leaves are brown, doo dooo doo doo, and the sky is grey, doo dooo doo doo, I went on, doo dooo doo doo, on a winter’s day…

Yes, winter is unequivocally here around here. Everyone needs cheering up, especially people who miss playing in the dirt without getting their fingers frozen right off. People with winter birthdays, I see you, you’ve been getting Christmas cards for your birthday for a long time. (I don’t think I have any visitors from the southern hemisphere, but if I do you should totally bookmark this for six months’ time.)

Illustration of a watering can, surrounded by other gardening accessories and sprigs of cut flowers.
A collage of a woman who’s been potting up hyacinths and other winter bulbs. Her top looks a lot like a hospital smock from this angle, perhaps she’s having Gardening Therapy.
Is this semi-abstract painting? From the context, it’s clear that they’re flowers, but with a different quotation it could easily be the lights at a tourist resort at night. Lovely blues. “A garden is a grand teacher,” says Auntie Gert.
I expect she designed this more for wrapping paper or fabric, but I like it as a card too. A pleasing mix of geometric stars and doodly flowers, and potted plants, ooh, and watering cans, I just noticed.
A final watering can! This time, floating in deep space with some giant daisy flowers. Look, you’re on the internet, it’s still 2019, you like your galaxy print and your dark botanicals, does this not hit every button?

Thanks for joining me on The Adventures Of The Platonic Watering Can, support artists, catch you next time. ❤