When I Say I’ve Been Busy Lately

Is this going to be a kissing story?

One of the big winter seed and plant catalogues arrived today while I was out. I’m probably going to order some amaranth and some seed potatoes for the allotment. There’s a red flower they’ve just called ‘linum’ so I need to look up how that’s related to flax.

Household: swept the stairs and the living room floor, put ingredients in the slow cooker so it could make stew (house now smells of chicken, dog is blissful), ordered a grocery delivery that might get us through to new year with only top-up shop visits for milk and bread and so forth. I don’t know anyone who actually likes going to shops in December but clearly people do. Towels in the wash, monthly medicine on the back of the puppy’s neck, brief game of frisbee up and down the living room but now she’s playing Outwit The Sock.

Finished reading a murder mystery and started reading what appears to be a Western. I probably once knew where the Klondike was, but in my head now it’s just a montage of sideburns and pack mules. My (English, 80s) childhood had a surprising amount of Gold Rush novels in it, now I think about it properly. I suppose it was a good backdrop for moral tales. And everyone likes that thing where a protagonist overcomes both Harsh Nature and Human Flaws in parallel over fifty pages.

It IS a kissing story!