w50: 9-15 December

Priscilla went Very Fast on Monday morning’s walk because the pavements are wet & it’s just above freezing. It’s also pretty windy & two advertising boards blew over as we crossed the river bridge, startling us both. We had a cuddle of reassurance which left a precise wet-dog print on my t-shirt.

At work, among the usual things, I wired a new bulb socket onto a lamp base without finding out why one of the bayonet terminals had crumbled into dust. Will keep an eye on it for repeat failure.

I carried on with my red sparkly Secret Paths shawl on the bus. A lady who’d been meditating opposite me complimented me on it as she left, which was nice. More winding up yarn into cakes when I got home, although puppy was being enthusiastic around my ankles.

Tuesday Priscilla came to work with me. The idea was that she’d be so tired from the lovely visit that she’d sleep all afternoon and I could get on with crochet or writing, but I forgot that I’d be tired too. We both napped hard.

Wednesday morning at work was raking and tidying around the compost heaps because it’s garden bin day and they like to get it out full. It was a gorgeous bright crisp day and I’m glad I was moving around; standing still would have been very cold.

Murder is Easy (Kindle? library? paperback?)

Voted. Worried.

Ok, I shouldn’t have looked at the exit poll at 10pm. I should have waited until morning.

Friday I’m just stunned by the election result and it’s hard to think of good things to say. I didn’t get rained on. I stroked two cats at work and came home to the Big Spoon and the puppy for coffee and cuddles.

Saturday I’m up early again, still processing Thursday night’s election result but my group chats have had some ideas of how to get through this. For me, spending more time on the allotment is going to be a big part of it. I don’t think I was even up there an hour, but I cut up some brambles and raked a bit more of the South end that had suffered in the strong winds, dug out another pound of Jerusalem artichokes, and started pinning down the mesh I’m going to use for paths.

It’s truly weird how little I’ve read this week. Is it election information overload or would I have had no attention span this week anyway? Hey, there’s a robin on the neighbour’s roof, I should put more mealworms out.

Sunday morning another hour at the allotment: didn’t sow anything but turned some earth and raked out some long grass and inconvenienced some more brambles. Came back to fling all my clothes into the washing machine and myself into the shower. Feeling pretty accomplished tbh. The week ends strong with a roast meal and catch-up chat at the cottage.