w51: 16-22 December

Toward the Midnight Sun (Kindle unlimited)

A chatty Monday morning at work – waiting around for a doctor’s appointment rather than getting anything done at the house. I was looking forward to using the new leaf blower but the conversation was nice. I wish I could type up the stories and share them.

On the bus home I continued crocheting my modified Secret Paths shawl (I can’t make the popcorn stitch look neat so I’m doing tr4tog instead). Back at home I collected all my houseplants together on the kitchen counter and gave them their trims and topdressing and potting-up. The little oak seedling didn’t make it, I’m sorry but not surprised.

Tuesday was chatty as well: a retrospective of houses they’ve lived in, plus stories of going rabbiting with ferrets and uncle Joe (who had been in the navy). I don’t feel I got a lot done but having someone to tell stories to is probably just as valuable. I still wish I could record them and type them up.

Wednesday morning I snoozed the alarm a LOT but still had time to put peasant food (potato, parsnip, soaked peas, cut-up sausages) in the slow cooker before going out.

I was on gift-wrapping duty at work, followed by ironing and a stroll around the garden to see if we’ll get one bean out of it in spring. The leaves on the ground were judged to be too wet to blow, so that’s for another day. Home with tired puppy on the bus, a happy afternoon on the sofa crocheting while she slept.

The Big Spoon’s mum visited after she finished work, mainly to cuddle the puppy. Signed her Christmas cards ‘granny’.

Wednesday hits 9pm and I can’t think of any content so I’m breaking my posting streak at 52 days. Going to bed with Kindle and sleepy puppy.

Thursday morning at work was paperwork in the study despite taking Priscilla with me. She had a new squeaky toy to play with, so we got quite a lot done between cuddles. We arrived home and realised we were both too tired to go out again so I cancelled on the Healer over Slack. She said she’d use the afternoon for an important nap. Finished the red shawl and put it through the wash, then photographed for the group blog.

Psychology of Time Travel (Kindle unlimited), Ghostland: In Search of a Haunted Country (library), You Have Arrived at Your Destination (Kindle unlimited)

Saturday wasn’t as hard as I’d expected – I woke up feeling heavy and dreary from Friday but it stopped raining about 10am and the sky was clear blue. My afternoon nap was delayed by the Big Spoon’s mum visiting to play with the puppy and I was asleep within ten minutes of her leaving.

Truly weird how little I’ve read this week and last week. I’ve been scrolling a lot, you know, BuzzFeed and the like, so I expect it’s just a phase. There’s a literal limit to the amount of time I can spend on 20 Funniest Tweets About Animals.

Marvellous Sunday morning at the field with dogs and dog people. Priscilla is by far the smallest so she got muddiest and then cold and shivery, but the Healer fetched a blanket from the truck and we had cuddle-drying before the drive home to shower.All my clothes in the wash, to be followed by two towels and a bath mat after we wake up from this snooze.