w1: 30 December – 5 January 2020

The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper (Travis McGee #10) (library)

Monday morning at work it was finally dry and still enough to get some glyphosate on the weeds on the path, and I’m promised that once they’ve died I shall be allowed to use the butane burner to scorch them off. Very exciting! In the middle of the lawn I found the rather snazzy bow tie collar that belongs to the London puppy who visited them over Christmas, so we popped that in a padded envelope and sent it back to him. Local magpies missed a trick leaving that out, but perhaps they’re all tinselled out.

Tuesday I woke before 5 because the puppy wandered across me without her usual dainty footing. I left her and the Big Spoon cosy and went to write at my desk – I’m so pleased at having a desk again finally! Wrote and posted the December reading roundup, then switched to notebook for morning pages. You know about morning pages? You hand-write three full pages every morning without getting distracted. Well, that’s not how Tuesday’s went, because I left my phone within reach, so three pages ‘took’ two hours and three mugs of coffee.

Tuesday at work: ironing, fixing a couple of door hinges, raking leaves, turning compost. Stopped off in the city on my way home to look for extra large paper clips, thoroughly sick of humans by the fourth shop. Some people shop for fun!

The laundry load finished at half past ten so I’m sashaying into the new year in a fluffy dressing gown straight out of the dryer and mismatched leg warmers, on my sofa with the Big Spoon and the puppy, listening to 65daysofstatic. Living the dream, sincerely.

It’s been a good year for us. In the outside world it’s been an appalling year, I don’t trivialise that.

Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1) (library), Relative Fortunes (Julia Kydd #1) (Kindle), Dispel Illusion (Impossible Times, #3) (Kindle)

For some reason or none I haven’t journalled in sentences for the latter part of this week. I know I’ve been useful at work – we started pruning the grape vine and rewiring it into a useful shape, and I’ve moved five raspberry canes into a sunnier plot, and I took the Christmas decorations down and boxed them back into the loft on Saturday. I know I’ve napped at home every afternoon and I have no regrets; they’ve been really excellent naps and the puppy joins me for them.

I’ve been writing ‘morning pages’ and on three of the days I stayed at my desk and wrote longhand fiction after finishing them. That’s such a great win I’m afraid to point at it in case it turns to vapour.

Also, I wrote a letter. Like, on paper, with an envelope, the kind that needs a stamp. The twenties are pretty damn roaring so far!