The print-on-demand fandom 5

Now, in the alternate timeline where I’m a professional generator of on-trend items for other women to purchase, I would have come up with ‘notebook with snowdrops on!’ and then produced one. In this timeline, think with me ‘Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have a new notebook with snowdrops on for the second half of winter! Then I can buy a yellow one in Spring, maybe even on the equinox, and I can get that yellow Lamy Safari to use until midsummer.’ and behold.

Friendly-clumsy brushwork scatters these over a white background. I looked at her artist page – she’s got some style!
I love peering in close to oil paintings – I never could paint but I love the textures where the brush leaves ridges of paint.
Ooooh and then there’s this lovely crisp Surface Design interpretation of snowdrops, not an element out of place but still curly and fresh enough that they don’t look stilted. Now that’s a talent.
I’ve just followed her artist page as well, it’s a delight.
Now this is exactly what I was picturing when I thought ‘snowdrops notebook’ in the first place. That delicate winter sunlight through the petals? Mwah. Even if I’d managed to take a snowdrops photo today I’d still have had to recommend you buy this one instead.