blue sky white lawn

Lateral flow tests Tuesday and Thursday, negative.

Work Monday Wednesday Saturday. I replaced a broken socket box, a little nervous to be working with mains power again but resetting the oven clock was the most complex part. We planted the broad beans out and put mesh over them. It’s not squirrel proof because nothing is, but it might inconvenience them enough that they go back to the tulip bulbs.

Book: Ninefox Gambit. On my Want To Read since I saw it described on the tor newsletter and finally available in my library’s app. Phenomenal. I remember using ‘But I read SF’ as a complete explanation for why I didn’t describe how something worked in a story, and this is the SF I meant. You are given the results of the rules.

Album: Scarlett’s Walk. I have a mental association between this and frosty mornings, the sun caught in the ink branches.

No progress in my garden. There’s compost to move into greenhouse pots so I can start seeds but the weather makes me sure it’s not urgent.

No updates on The Pool In The Fen, either. I know what happens next, I just haven’t written it down. Probably should have put that first, it’s the Most Important Thing. Hey, but at least i haven’t started anything new as a diversion!